3) Construction

Checklist for construction:

  • Filming Schedule /
  • Editing Schedule /
  • Rough cuts /
  • Feedback /
  • Final music video /
  • Technical difficulties /
  • Final Products /

We created a quick filming schedule to help make filming efficient.

We created an editing schedule to help with knowing what was needed to be done and when to help quicken the editing process.

Rough Cuts:

Music video draft 1:



We want the action in this scene to reverse as it would show the impact of the relationship on the girl, the scene should end with her smiling to show that she has moved on from the negative area of her relationship and she should walk out in reverse to show she is not affected by what happened.

Music video draft 2:



We  realised that our lip syncing was inaccurate and that the performance scenes and narrative scenes were too long and as a result needed more jumps in between them throughout the video to cut boredom.

Music Draft 3:


Only improvement needed was to correct the placing of the artist’s name, title of the song and production company on the video.

Final Music Video:


We wrote about the difficulties we faced during the construction stages of our coursework.

We created a Digipack for our artist; this included the front and back design as well as the lyric book to go inside the pack, spine, poster and the actual CD design itself. The design was especially made for us and used a mixture of pastel colours with darker shades to express a range of emotions like love, happiness, sadness and so on, this made our artist more relatable for the audience as they knew that there was a variety to the music created from our artist. The design also reflected our genre well, this is because the different emotions reflected is common in indie/soul songs. Furthermore, we made sure that the design was repeated in many products we created which represented our artist like the website etc, because it would easily imprint how we portrayed our artist to the audience, which in this case as an artist who uses their emotion when writing and singing songs.  

Front and Back:

Inside foldout:





For the poster we used an abstract type of design which reflected the artistic side of Amber Rubarth, we also used red as it is a striking colour which can get people’s attention. 

We also created a homepage for our artist, the homepage contains generic tabs which are commonly found in various artists homepages like the official website for Lady Gaga, meaning that we made sure we contained the correct information that audiences look for when searching an artist; such as ‘About Me’, ‘Tour Dates’ etc. Therefore, audiences would easily be able to navigate through the website and find out the information they want about Amber Rubarth and are able to purchase her album or single or other products. We also placed our music video on the website to enable potential new audiences to view the video to decide whether they would want to continue listening to her music.


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