2) Planning


  • Contact with artist/band /
  • Initial planning /
  • Mood board /
  • Artist branding/style construction /
  • Analysis of lyrics  /
  • Video analysis /
  • Locations  /
  • Prop list /
  • Costume planning /
  • Storyboards  /
  • Digipack planning  /
  • Website planning  /

The artist we picked was Amber Rubath, we decided to pick her as Hafizah wanted to use song which was either soul or indie. She used unsigned.com and found Amber. Hafizah pitched us the song and we all agreed that it was a very good song to use, especially because of the unique beat it used. We asked permission from the artist if we could use her song, she was responded quickly and said she was more than happy to let us use her song. Amber also said she was looking forward to seeing our finished product and would give her opinion on it when she sees it.

We completed some inital ideas for a possible storyline for the music video for the song.

There is also a podcast of initial ideas for the music video.

Initial Ideas:


We created a moodboard to the genre we picked which is a mixture between pop/soul/indie.

We also looked at artist branding and the style of Amber Rubarth to help us create a music icon which would represent the genre and the songs effectively.

A major problem, we learnt that the storyline for the music video needed to be changed due to showing illegal activity (taking drugs). We quickly recreated the storyline.

We have analysed the lyrics and looked at the time structure of the “Rough Cut” lyrics to enable us to create narrative for the storyline.

We created a video analysis of Amber Rubarth’s single “Rough Cut”, we created a storyline and what would be seen in the music video according to the lyrics.

Next we made a podcast for the locations and took photos to show why we chose them.



We decided to use a bedroom as it would reflect the personal life (voyeurism) of the character in the storyline to create an intimate relationship between her and the audience. Furthermore, it would be a good location for the argument between the girl and her boyfriend.

 We decided on using a shower room as psychological research as proven that when people are in the shower they are at their most productive state of mind in terms of thoughts when surrounded by water. It is also said that the shower is meant to be the most depressive part of the day as you think of negative thoughts, therefore we placed our character in a shower room to show her reflecting on her thoughts.


 We have decided to use the dining table for the argument scene between the girl and her parents as the dinner table is a very family oriented part of the house.

Then we created a prop list which would make filming the music video easier as we would have all the needed items for the storyline.


We have recreated the prop list due to the changing storyline.

We also created possible costumes for the narrative of the video, which we believe would best suit the meaning of the song.

We have also created storyboards to help us with deciding on what we are going to show in our music video, this would help when it comes to filming and editing.



We have also created a digipack plan for our artist, the digipack was created through the influence of other digpacks and album covers and we believe that we have made a decent attempt. Next we have to create the actually digipack.

We have also created a plan for the website of our artist, we will be using this when we are created the website for Amber Rubarth. 



One Response to “2) Planning”

  1. TEACHER Says:

    Excellent planning in place with a wide range of resources used to produce this part of your project. You have listened carefully to advice given and have acted really well on this. Consider adding an animatic to your planning to ‘test run’ your storyboard ideas. In terms of your actual construction process, make sure that you keep tight to your scheduling to allow you enough time to work on other A Level courses. Fantastic work! Keep it up 🙂

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