1) Research into music videos

Checklist for Research:

Research Evidence:

  • History of music videos /
  • Music video conventions / 
  • Analysis of music videos /
  • Influences of style /
  • Music Labels and brands research /
  • Music Directors /
  • Music genre research /
  • Artist/band research /
  • Theories /
  • Influential videos /
  • Music video – analysis of music structure
  • Music channels /
  • Album digipack analysis /
  • CD analysis /
  • DVD analysis / 
  • Music website analysis /
  • Analysis of previous students’ videos /
  • Audience research
  • Lighting research for music videos
  • Star image and development /

We began with looking in brief detail the history of music videos in order for us to understand the influences of time and technological enhancements on the concepts and visualisations of music videos. Also by doing the history of music videos, it highlighted the trends music videos have followed and suggesting potential new trends which can be experimented with to create an effective music video; such as the recent trend of music videos using new technology like animation in music videos like “Heartless” by Kanye West.

We also began to look at the conventions of music videos to helps us decide what was needed for our music video to be effective and accurate in terms of competing with any ordinary music video. By noting down the conventions it allowed us to start deciding whether we want to compliment or break conventions.

We then analysed a few music videos with use of Goodwin’s theory, to enable us to understand the conventions of music videos through the use of a theory.  
Within this task we looked at Beyonce and analysed her music videos and how they were created. We decided to look at her because she is the world’s most famous artist and has a range of influential videos which have set trends for future artists.
We looked at a range of music labels and brands to gain some knowledge on the music industry.
We also looked into music directors to learn some facts about the types of directors associated with certain artists and genres.
We also did some research in different music genres and on artists/bands, this enabled us to view the key conventions of an artist and how they portray themselves through the music and genre. A successful artist/band would be easily associated with their type of genre through the music they make and through the way they look. Researching different genres help to identify the history of the genre and the key features associated with the genre. Overall, both tasks have helped us to gain a better knowledge of Indie/pop/soul music, which would have a positive influence when creating our music video.
We looked at some theories (semiotics, Auteur and feminist theories) to help identify what a viewer would interpret from watching a music video. E.g. the way a video would portray a female.

We looked at videos which we found influential to help us create our music video we looked at a variety of existing music videos from various artists. One video in particular which influenced us as a group was ‘All Saints – Black coffee’. We liked the angles, shots and lighting which were used in this video. Along with this we liked the concept of this music video and it was prominent.

As a group we analysed the structure of a music video so we could understand what were the conventions of a music video in terms of the creation of the video and how it ties in with the song.
We also completed work on music channels, as it would be beneficial to learn how artists are promoted in the industry, this has allowed us to think of ways to promote our artist and how TV can play a huge part in the success of the artist if the music video fits the criteria of the channel.
We analysed a music digipack, which would help us to know what is needed for a digipack, to make our own digipack as realistic and professional as possible.
We also analysed an album cover for the same reasons of analysing the digipack to give us insight in how an album cover should look.
To help us with our research planning we also looked at a vast amount of existing DVD covers. We looked at how they where laid out, what colours where used and how the overall DVD was presented. This task was done to help us with out Digipack when it comes to creating it.
We also analysed Norah Jones’ website homepage to help with understanding what is needed to create our own website. We also analysed MTV’s website in order to learn how artists are promoted as well as us building up even more background knowledge of the music industry, through looking at a institution which strongly promotes music. 
MTV Analysis:
We analysed other student’s music videos to see what others were capable off and see how they coped with the brief.

Within this task we created a questionnaire for our target audience. This was to see what specific genre of music they are interested in and what music they listen to. We also asked out target market how often they listen to music and who are their favourite Indie/Soul artists. We found that a majority of 18-25 year olds listen to indie/soul music and that they listen to music for pleasure, however they watched a range of music channels regardless of the genre of music they played.


For this task we looked at a similar artist to ours and also analysed one of her music videos. The artist we looked at was Adele. We evaluated the lighting in this video because it would help us when it comes to creating our video. 


 We also analysed Rihanna’s music career and learnt how it involved over time, this is something we had to thing about for our artist as we need to know what direction to place them in.

2 Responses to “1) Research into music videos”

  1. TEACHER Says:

    The blog is looking good so far. It is clear that your research is well under way. The research that has been uploaded is detailed and relevant to the project. Slideshare is a great way of sharing your research but can you think of other interesting ways of presenting knowledge? Does your research evidence need to be written? Also, you should consider extending your comments about each research process – ask yourself the questions ‘Why have we done this? What have we learnt from it? How will we use this in our own production skills?’
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. TEACHER Says:

    Hi guys. Here are my comments for improvement of your research task:

    History of music video – try and include visual representations in this, timeline etc.

    Music labels and brands research – try and include their logo (visuals), artists that they represent, subsidiaries – reasons why they exist, if there are any similarities or typical genres that these labels represent

    Analysis of music video – the detail is great, try and think of creative ways of displaying this research using digital technology e.g. a video of the music video playing at a lower volume and your group talking over it analysing it.

    Music video directors/influences of style – need examples of their videos and style of directing. Why you’ve chosen to look at them and how it may influence your work.

    Influences of style – you must show how these styles have influenced your ideas for a music video, you can pick and choose from numerous styles – give examples of short clips from these influences

    Music genre research – give auditory examples of each genre e.g. how does pop sound? How does indie rock sound? Etc.

    Auteur theory – needs to be completed

    Other theories – visual examples for each theory needed

    Artist/band research (similar genre) – show that you picked a specific genre from the ones you researched and decided this is the one you wanted to use for your video. Then find a specific band/artist who are defined by this genre and show how they could influence your work.

    Influential videos – showing 3 or more videos that have specific styles/shots/colours that have influenced you in the making in yours. Make it clear which video you are looking at i.e. ‘Single Ladies’, Beyonce, directed by… etc.

    Music channels – explain differences between them, artists/genres typically played on them, target audience etc

    Analysis of previous students’ videos – give feedback positive and negative and what you can learn from their work

    Audience research – who is your target audience? How have other bands/artists targeted them? Include typical styles/images that are related with the genre.

    Lighting research – how the artist/band have been lit, how the director has used light to convey meaning, set the tone, link with the lyrics

    Star image and development – try to show how the artist/band’s image may have developed over time, how they were exposed/promoted on their debut release, and analyse their image to say why they may have made these specific choices (e.g. to shave their head) or how the record company want to portray the artist.

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